The Confident Rabbit                                

 Welcomes Elite Wines and Grapes of Spain

For a Taste of Spain

Sunday, September 8th, 2019


Misty Point Oysters, Lemon Mignonette, Thyme & Micro Marigolds

Mar de Vinas, Albarino

Retail:  $ 30   Sale:  $ 20


Scallop Crudo, Ginger Syrup, Spinach Puree, Micro Lemon

Vino Otano Blanco

Retail:  $ 35   Sale:  $24


Pheasant Breast, Dry Sassafras Crust, Ripe Peaches, Caramelized                                                    Vidalia Onion, Pink Peppercorn

Adras, Godello, Ribeira Scara, 2014

Retail:  $  TBD Sale:  $


Cold Smoked Quail Filled with Cous Cous, Currants. Seasonal Vegetable, Balsamic Reduction

Arrocal Seleccion, 2014

Retail:  $  32  TBD  Sale:  $ 23


Cocoa Nib Pork Butt Ravioli, Spinach

Descarte,  2014

Retail:  $70     Sale:  $ 52


Peanut Butter Cheesecake, Chocolate Crust, Grape Jam Topping

Legado, del Moncayo Vendimia Seleccionada 2017

Retail:  $   24   Sale:  $ 18


$85.00 Per person, Tax and Gratuity (20%) will automatically be added to your bill.

Consuming Raw or Undercooked food could result in food borne illness